Pineapple Dessert Cupcakes


One of my newest, favorite recipes! So simple, so delicious. Great for a pot luck party.

1 box Duncan Hines Golden Yellow Cake Mix
1 large can crushed pineapples
1 cup Sugar
1 package vanilla instant pudding
1 small can of coconut (I used have a bag)
8 oz tub of Cool Whip
1/2 cup pecans, broken into small pieces (optional, but highly recommend)


  • Prepare cake mix according to package directions; bake in a 13x9x2 in pan
  • While cake is baking, simmer pineapples with juice and sugar.
  • When the cake is done, cool 5 to 10 minutes. With a toothpick, poke holes in the top of the cake
  • Pour pineapple mixture over the top of the cake; let this sit while you do the next step
  • Prepare the pudding according to package directions. When done, add coconut to pudding and stir and stir to mix in completely
  • Spread the pudding mixtures over the top of the pineapple mixture
  • Sprinkle pecans over the top of the pudding mixture
  • Put the cake in the fridge and let it cool for 2 – 3 hours (I was too excited and didn’t do this part)
  • Once cool and ready to serve, spread the cool whip over the top (you will see that mine melted; it was worth it).

The First Post is Always Awkward

Sometimes we get busy. Life takes over. There’s no time for anything except everything. This is my way of slowing down, taking a good look at what’s taking place around me, and reflecting on myself a bit.

So, here’s a bit of what I’m enjoying this week:

Aloe vera juice is such a relief to your body. It speeds up the digestive system and frankly, tastes like the nectar of the gods. Can’t get enough of it.

These are my favorite shoes! They go with absolutely everything and look so dainty on my feet. I have them in black, but now that summer is here I think I will get these lighter colored ones.

Pearl earrings. Always classic. Always classy. Always beautiful. These rose studs are a sweet alternative and spice up an otherwise boring outfit.

I used to listen to Carole King almost every day in high school. There is something about her strength and acknowledgment of her womanhood that really inspired me in my coming-of-age years. It’s ok to be strong AND girly. She’s playing on my Spotify account almost all day this week. I must be searching again, but you know what? Carole King thinks that’s ok :)

What’s inspiring you this week?